We are happy to bring you the latest news about our products:

11th of January, 2021

Explore our new safety funnels! For checking the different types please visit Products/Safety Funnels.

15th of June, 2020

New High Pressure Fittings are available! Check the unbelievable variety and complete the safety of Your Lab. For more information visit Products/High Pressure Fittings.

1st of June, 2020

Let VisionEC-Lab Introduce You the New Products of Summer 2020: Containers with level indicator. Check it out at Products/Containers.

18th of September, 2019

New Self Molded Caps are available!      For more Red check the Products.

4th of February, 2019

Brand New Exhaust Filters For NPT threads have just arrived! Try our beneficial new products! Check it out at Products/Filters!

21st of December, 2018

The Rhinos are here! NEW Standalone Exhaust filters for preparative use. 3 types are available.

2nd of July, 2018

Our funnels have just arrived! Let us introduce our brand new products: Vision Funnels! 4 types are available.

28th of May, 2018

Enjoy our new product line! Waste Caps with New Electronical level sensing with Control Box and Sensor.

26th of January, 2017 

VisionEC-Lab Kft. is proud to be an ISO 9001:2009 certified company.

11th of April, 2017

Colours Work!
Amazing New Colours arrived today to VisionEC. Just Choose Your Favourite Cap Colour for Your Lab!
Working is Fun & Easy!

21th of June, 2017

Introducing the Big Blues! New safety caps for GL80 & GLS80 glass bottles. Check them out now at Products/Waste Caps in our online product showroom!

6th of April, 2017

New Barbed Connector! From 06/04/2017 ALL waste caps and waste starter KITS are assembled with the new barbed connector. Old type barbed connectors can be ordered on their original part number.

15th of December, 2016

New 2016/2017 Product Guide available online! Download at Tech Center or order your copy for 2017 at!

28th of November, 2016

New product! Check our brand new exhaust filters, more info at!

1st of September, 2016

New type of exhaust filters has been introduced to more convinient installation of waste tubes.

1st of September, 2016

New cap sizes are available from Vision, including S51, S55(DIN51), B53, S71, B83. Please check them at waste caps section.

21th of July, 2016

We are happy to announce a new line of eluent Safety Caps for 29/32mm ground neck bottles made of PTFE. Opening screw allows easy and safe removal of the PTFE cap from the ground neck bottles.

14th of April, 2016

Are you lost in part numbers ? We are announcing new starter KITs for different HPLC systems. Easier to choose the right configuration for your existing HPLC system.

1st of April, 2016

We are changing our cap color to blue. Sure not, April Fools!

20th of May, 2016 #2

We did not forget to seal the bottom connector too. Please remove before use.

20th of May, 2016

Sealed for your protection. All of our exhaust filters are sealed so there is no chance to adsorb water and odors during storage and shipping. Therefore all Vision exhausts filters will have maximum capacity upon installation.

13th of February, 2016

A new great looking brochure has been launched with plenty information you might need to bring real safe enviroment to your HPLC laboratory.

1st of February, 2016

Lack of space in your laboratory? We have introduced our space saving canisters with S51 Safety caps available. Still has a great price....

24th of March, 2016

Everyone says high surface area adsorbents. Let the real numbers speak! We have a white paper about our media used in the exhaust filters. Interested? Find out in the Tech Center.

14th of August, 2015

All of our exhaust filters and shut-off valves are equipped with timestrip, so you can easily determine when change is necessary.
No more notes needed.

16th of September, 2015

Introduced a new micron size mixed adsorbent for exhaust filters. Compact size filters are available packed with this high surface area adsorbent.

1st of January, 2016

Announced a totally new safety cap product line for plastic waste containers with serured sealing to avoid any leakage of the harmful vapours by the nature of the plastic cannister's thread/mouth variety.